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Demo Dashboards

The dashboards below have been compiled by the 2023 CIRIS Summer Fellows Lab cohort to accompany Data Informed Decision Making: A Guide to Institutional Research in Independent Schools. These dashboards were supplied by CIRIS schools. While each dashboard reflects the functionalities it serves in its home community, the content of the underlying data itself has been randomized and all identifying information for students or faculty/staff has been masked or anonymized. 

Demo Thrive Index Dashboard

Thrive models are designed to measure student engagement in a set of holistic, mission-aligned dimensions. The school community co-designs a set of formulas that translate a set of input data into dimension scores for each student every semester.

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Demo Grade Analysis Dashboard

This dashboard visualizes semester grades and allows school leaders to see both broad trends in grading over time by demographic identifiers and granular data about grading practices at the department, course, and teacher level.

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Demo Admission Dashboard

Admission offices use institutional research to build interactive dashboards like the one below. In addition to the functionalities demonstrated below, schools can also incorporate additional information like applicant preference status.

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Demo Attendance Tracker

This dashboard provides a simple and straightforward way for school personnel to view how many times each students has missed each period without having to access them individually inside of the SIS.

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